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Study Finds Spammers' Weak Spot
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 09 August 2007 10:19
Study Finds Spammers' Weak Spot
— Tim Wilson, Site Editor, Dark Reading
Junk email distributors are much more vulnerable at the receiving end than at the sending end, research finds

AUGUST 7, 2007 | Instead of trying to stop the spray of spam as it comes out of the firehose, maybe we should be looking to shut it off at the hydrant, some university researchers are suggesting this week.

In a report issued yesterday, computer scientists at the University of California at San Diego said they have found "striking differences" between the infrastructure used to distribute spam and the infrastructure used to collect responses from its victims. The net result: Most spam responses are collected by a single, individual Web server.
Ninety-four percent of the scams advertised via embedded links are hosted on individual Web servers, according to a paper that will be presented at the USENIX Security 2007 conference in Boston tomorrow. More
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