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Another Gaming Disorder - First Person Shooter Syndrome
Written by Raphael2040   
Monday, 27 August 2007 11:36
Dr. Duke Freeman of John Hopkins University has remarked that he is seeing cases of First Person Shooter Syndrome (FPSS) arising everywhere. According to Freeman, the disorder has been around since the early 90's and is a condition in which gamers really think they are in the realms of a first person shooter when in actual fact they are in the real world. This in turn leads to feelings of paranoia and aversion to features such as warehouses.

"We're seeing FPSS cases popping up everywhere," said Dr. Duke Freeman, head of psychology at John Hopkins University. "I mean, it has been around since the early 90s, but it has gotten significantly worse since the improvement of graphics, the invention of better physics engines and more immersive environments."

According to Dr.Freeman, FPSS is a psychological condition that causes games to feel like they are in a first person shooter, when they are really walking around in the real world.FPSS can apparently lead to paranoia and aversion to certain surroundings such as railroads and industrial warehouses.

Jacob McEwen knows first hand the trouble FPSS poses to gamers. He has had it since playing the popular game Half-Life 2 for 35 hours straight.

"It is weird, i know it's completly irrational, but I'm totally averse to big, industrial settngs now. Anything that looks rusted out or rickety, it freaks me out. Whenever I walk into dark rooms, I instinctivly reach for my flashlight and my gun, then I realize I don't actually carry either," said McEwen. "I was walking through a supermarket a few days after my HL2 marathon and I saw a bunch of first-aid kits on the floor. Someone had knocked them over by accident I guess. My first reaction though was 'oh ****! A bunch of medikits. Something **** tough must be coming up soon!'It really scared me."

Read more over at the Robot People Magazine site.

More whacky psychologists out to label people again? Or does this disorder actually have some truth behind it? Comment in the forums.


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