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Sick of monthly fees? Try paying for ammo!
Written by Raphael2040   
Thursday, 30 August 2007 17:02
A new game called Kwari is essentially based on the idea of paying for ammo and not subscription fees. The new FPS title lets you gamble for money by either taking or giving shots. Every time you hit a player you make money, and every time you hit it costs you money. Players can download the title for FREE but to enter a match they must purchase some ammo through setting up a cash account prior to this.

"Every time you hit another player in Kwari you make money. Every time you are hit by another player it costs you. Every shot counts," reads Kwari's official website which currently offers a public beta of the game.

Kwari is said to work like this: players freely download the title and setup a cash account. To enter an online match, they must first purchase ammo then set a pre-agreed stake level ranging from one cent to one dollar per hit. Players are then matched on the basis of skill, and the gambling begins. All money paid into the game by players is won out of the game by players says Kwari's publisher.

Read more over at GamePro.

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