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MS Evil swells to engulf ISO!
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 03 September 2007 09:33

 "If Microsoft succeeds (which is beginning to look likely) they will have not merely damaged the prospects of open-source software, they will have ruined the good name of ISO by corrupting its people and processes."

 Eric Raymond says he's just about had it with Microsoft
The Inguirer
Subverting ISO while asking for OSI certification
By Egan Orion: Monday 03 September 2007, 11:23

ERIC RAYMOND writes in his bog that his "resolve to treat Microsoft like any other license submitter is being sorely tested."

Raymond is President Emeritus of the Open Source Initiative (OSI) that promulgates the Open Source Definition and has certified to date upwards of 60 software licences as compliant. Although others run OSI now, Raymond still remains involved in licence certification discussions and other OSI deliberations.

A little over a month ago, Microsoft announced that it would submit one or more of its Shared Source licences to OSI for certification. That has generated a lot of controversy within the Open Source community, with some Open Source supporters welcoming the prospect of Microsoft approaching OSI but many others regarding any move by Microsoft with deep suspicion.

Eric Raymond acknowledges that ongoing debate and allows as how it's been going on within OSI, too. However, as he writes, "OSI's official position, from the beginning, which I helped formulate and have expressed to any number of reporters and analysts, is that OSI will treat any licenses submitted [by] Microsoft strictly on their merits, without fear or favor. That remains OSI's position. But..."

He goes on, "...Microsoft's behavior in the last few months with respect to OOXML has been egregious. They haven't stopped at pushing a "standard" that is divisive, technically bogus, and an obvious tool of monopoly lock-in; they have resorted to lying, ballot-stuffing, committee-packing, and outright bribery to ram it through the ISO standardization process in ways that violate ISO's own guidelines wholesale."... More

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