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The Blackbird can fly on borrowed wings!
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 08 September 2007 08:39
Voodoo makes Crossfire work on SLI
The Inquirer
Blackbird has dual-graphics Voodoo magic

By Wily Ferret: Friday 07 September 2007, 12:57
THERE'S PLENTY of news about HP's new Voodoo-inspired gaming machine, the Blackbird. Indeed, our own Charlie pondered its existence just yesterday. However, he missed one thing - the fact that the Blackbird runs Crossfire on an Nvidia chipset motherboard.

The folks at Custard PC magazine spoke to HP's Gaming CTO, Rahul Sood, who told them: "What’s really cool is that we’re only using the Nforce chipset for Intel, because it’s the best chipset, but we’re also giving the choice of Crossfire or SLI on it."  Comment in the Forums

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