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"The worst of both worlds?"
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 14 September 2007 11:19

Plug and Pray goes to ISO
Gawd help us
The Inquirer
By Wily Ferret: Friday 14 September 2007, 12:56

PLUG AND PRAY, the technology formerly known as Plug and Play, has been ratified by ISO. For better, or for worse.
UPnP, as it has been known for some time now, is an open standard and specification for allowing devices to talk to each other. Printers can plug and play with PCs, routers can plug and play with network adaptors, and the standard has been extended to consumer electronics too - although most of that is taken care of by the DLNA.

Despite now being an official standard, there's nothing to suggest that the ISO committee has demanded any tightening up of security or compatibility standards. UPnP has long been derided for its total failure to solve basic problems. Overenthusiastic configurations have in the past allowed viruses to reconfigure routers to allow propagation, whilst gloriously failing to standardise the printer driver market. The worst of both worlds? More    Comment in the Forums


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