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Asus Blitz Extreme & Formula
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 18 September 2007 21:55
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(Image from Legion Hardware)

Follow as Legion Hardware take a look at these two boards:

ASUS has just recently announced two new special edition motherboards based on the Intel P35 chipset, called the Blitz Formula and Blitz Extreme. With an estimated combined value of nearly $600 US, these new Blitz motherboards are anything but cheap. Rather they are designed to be ultimate performance motherboards for Core 2 Duo processors, offering the very best features and overclocking abilities.

Read the full review at Legion Hardware :

ASUS has recently gone crazy with the Intel P35 chipset, releasing a dozen motherboards using it; many of them are high-end models as well. If it was possible to get sick of high-end ASUS motherboards I reckon we would be by now, thankfully it’s not! The flood gates opened when the P5K Deluxe hit our labs and at $240 US this is still one of the best high-end motherboards we have reviewed to date. However the P5K Deluxe then made way for the P5K3 Deluxe, then the P5K-E, with the P5K3 Premium being the latest board to show up.

Even so ASUS has not stopped there, as we recently received two new special edition motherboards which are of course based on none other than the Intel P35 chipset. These new special edition boards go by the name Blitz Extreme and Blitz Formula. Essentially both motherboards are pretty much the same, though the Blitz Extreme model could be considered the more “extreme” version of the two. The Blitz Extreme supports DDR3-1333 memory while the Blitz Formula uses good old DDR-800 memory with official support for DDR2-1067 memory as well.

The Blitz Extreme also scores two eSATA ports on the I/O panel along with what ASUS are calling the “Fusion Block System” and the “EL I/O Back plate”. Other than these few features the two boards a very much the same, but you can expect the DDR3 Blitz Extreme motherboard to cost a little more. Deciding between these two motherboards is easy, if you want DDR2 memory support then it’s the Blitz Formula and if you are already seeking a DDR3 capable system then it’s the Blitz Extreme for you.

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