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Pot calls kettle black!
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 24 September 2007 09:12

Pirate Bay fires a salvo
File sharers pursue the content companies
The Inquirer
By Alice Winter: Monday 24 September 2007, 13:46

SWEDISH buccaneers The Pirate Bay seem to have been galvanised into action by the success of yet another International Talk Like a Pirate Day.
It appears that in addition to juicy revelations about the MiiVi file sharer honeypot site, the recently leaked MediaDefender documents also contain the first solid evidence that the content industry have been paying people to hack the popular Torrent tracking site.
On Friday The Pirate Bay announced that they have reported 10 companies representing some of the biggest names in software, music, and film publishing to the Swedish police. They allege that the companies employed professional hackers, presumably MediaDefender themselves, to perform various acts of cyberterrorism, including hacking and denial of service attacks.

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