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Windows XP gets stay of execution
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 28 September 2007 09:34

This will come as no big surprise to many. Microsoft has officially extended the life of Windows XP, by a further five months. This means it will be supported and available to buy, with new systems, until the end of June next year.

XP was originally slated to go to the knackers yard at the end of January, 2008.

PC vendors, such as Dell, are presently offering a choice Windows XP or Vista, with their new systems.  The problem with Vista, is mainly a lack of software drivers for some hardware.  No working driver for a device, means that the device cannot be used.

Few businesses are ever willing to be the first in to the water, when it comes to major software upgrades. Many businesses are likely to avoid Vista until 2009. 

Despite slow Vista sales, Microsoft is still singing about its success.

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