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A cell phone without borders
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 29 September 2007 11:51

A cell phone without borders
By David Pogue
The New York Times
Published: September 29, 2007, 6:00 AM PDT
C/Net News 

It's amazing the way the Internet keeps toppling traditional businesses. Telegrams have gone away. Music CD sales are tanking. Newspapers are hurting.
One especially lucrative business, however, has somehow escaped the Internet's notice so far: international cell phone calls.
That's about to change. Early next month, a small company called Cubic Telecom will release what it is calling the first global mobile phone.

But first, some background. Cell phones from T-Mobile and AT&T rely on the same type of network (called GSM) that most of the rest of the world uses. In theory, then, you can take these phones to other countries and make calls as usual. (Most Verizon and Sprint phones work only in the United States.)
Unfortunately, international roaming runs from $1 to $5 a minute. A 20-minute call home from the Bahamas on a T-Mobile phone will set you back $60. The same call home from Russia on an AT&T cell phone will cost a cool $100.
Sure, you could always rent a phone or use a phone card when you travel--but then nobody knows how to reach you... More      Comment in the Forums

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