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Asus EN8600 GTS Video Card Review
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 29 September 2007 23:15

Legit Reviews evaluate this board and tell us the results:

When it comes to computer hardware they don’t get much bigger or better than Asus. Even some computer users that wouldn’t be defined as enthusiasts know and trust the Asus brand which shows just how far they have penetrated the market. Today we are taking a few minutes to look at one of the latest hardware pieces from Asus, the EN8600GTS. We have had a few different 8600 GTS through our paws but nothing quite like this. Asus has always provided great add-ins with their products and the EN8600GTS is no exception. Let’s take a look.

Read the full review at Legit Reviews:

The first thing that really stuck out at me was the box (literally). The EN8600GTS came in a box that was about 3 inches longer than any other that we had on hand. Asus has done a great job on the artwork for this package, it clearly displays the company name, type of card, and the amount of memory which are the most important things when it comes time to plunk down your cash.

When I sat down to write this article I started searching the online sites to see what kind of prices this card was going for and was surprised to see that there are two different versions of the EN8600GTS. Our card came with the reference style heat sink fan combo while another version of the card comes with a larger aluminum heat sink. At around $160 the 8600 GTS is a good choice for those of you looking to break into DirectX10 gaming without breaking your wallet. 

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