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Radiohead Say "Pay us what you like, or what you can" For Their Latest Album,
Written by Dsio   
Tuesday, 02 October 2007 16:01

In a shocking move, Radiohead has decided that since it is currently without a record label, it will release their latest album, "In Rainbows" online, in two forms:  A discbox, containing a CD, Vinyl record, bonus material, pictures, lyrics and extras with a nice box for $40, or a download option, in which the buyer gets to name the price they pay for the album.

 This means that if you so desired you could pay $0.00 for the album, and they would give it to you.  It means that people that don't have much money can spend $2-5 on a good album, knowing that all the proceeds go to the artist, not the record label, thus benefiting both parties.  This really is one of those brilliant ideas that just makes me wonder why it hasn't happened before.  Say no to record labels, RIAA, being treated like theives and scum, and support Radiohead with a few bucks if you can.  You might like it!

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