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NZXT Lexa Blackline Case Review
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 03 October 2007 22:29
(Image from Virtual Hideout)

Virtual Hideout show us the ins and outs of this case:

NZXT has become well known due to their lineup of well-designed and sleek cases with equally crafty names such as "Zero" and "Nemesis Elite". When the original Lexa came out, it received praise for its innovative design, a break from the traditional boxy design of most cases - thus it was both attractive and functional. The original was made of aluminum, making it not only lightweight but also a little pricey. This new version, the Lexa Blackline, features a steel instead of an aluminum chassis, but is priced lower as a result. Can it live up to the expectations set by the original Lexa?

Read the full review at Virtual Hideout:

At first glance, the Lexa Blackline, though a mid tower, appears larger than most. This is because of its outer shell, which I like to call its "exoskeleton". This exoskeleton, comprised mostly of the front bezel and a rear cable guide, is mostly made of black plastic and gives the case its extra height and symmetrical curved shape. Its dimensions are approximately 8"x20.5"x21" (WxHxD) at the longest points. A nice window along with a 120mm LED case fan adorns the side panel, and a door covers all the front drive bays, keeping the look clean. While the plastic parts have a nice black gloss finish, the metal sides and top have more of a matte finish. Nonetheless, if you're used to regular cases, the Lexa Blackline definitely makes a good first impression with its looks.

The other notable feature is an integrated temperature monitor. The display for this sits at the top of the case, and it can show up to three temperatures inside your case; separate probes are included so that you can decide what parts of your case to monitor for thermal needs.

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