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48 game-movies in development; Bad news?
Written by Raphael2040   
Thursday, 04 October 2007 14:06

A gaming site is asking the question of whether Hollywood is about to ruin your favorite video game. There are an incredible 48 game based movies currently in development. We've come not to expect too much from video-game movies but surely there could be a diamond in the rough from the 48 upcoming titles?

A list of all the current game-movies currently in development can be found below.

Alice (2008)
Alone in the Dark II (2009)
Area 51 (2009)
Assassin’s Creed (TBA)
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (2009)
Castlevania (Late 2008 or Early 2009)
Citizen Siege (2009)
City of Heroes (2010)
Clannad (2007)
Clock Tower (2008)
Cold Fear (2008)
Death, Jr. (TBA)
Devil May Cry (2010)
Doom 2 (TBA)
Driver (2008)
EverQuest (TBA)
Far Cry (2008)
Fear Effect (2008)
Gears of War (2009)
God of War (TBA)
Halo (2009)
Hitman (2007)
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008)
Kameo (2007)
Kane & Lynch (2009)
Max Payne (2007)
MechWarrior (TBA)
Metal Gear Solid (2009)
Mortal Kombat: Devastation (2010)
Ninja Gold (2010)
Onimusha (2009)
Postal (2007)
The Sands of Time (2009)
Rainbow Six (2010)
Silent Hill 2 (2008)
Siren (2009)
Soulcalibur (2007)
Splinter Cell (2010)
Spy Hunter (2009)
Stranglehold (TBA)
Street Fighter (2008)
Tekken (2009)
The Neverhood (2009)
The Sims (2009)
The Suffering (2009)
The Unforgettable (2008)
Tomb Raider III (TBA)
World of Warcraft (2009)

The problem also lies with gamers. Every time Hollywood releases another game based movie, gamers flock to the theaters to pay $10 for another piece of theatrical garbage (stop salivating over Hitman already guys). If movie studios keep making money from terrible movies because of an installed fan base, then they are going to keep making bad movies

Now, I'm not saying all these movies are destined to be terrible, but surely, SURELY, no-one is going to watch a 'The Sims' movie. What kind of storyline would it have?! 

Read more over at ArcadePlanet.

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