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CoolIT Eliminator and Freezone CPU Coolers Review
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 07 October 2007 20:36
CoolIT Eliminator
(Eliminator image from Mad Shrimps)
CoolIT FreeZone
(FreeZone image from Mad Shrimps)

Madshrimps put these two units to the test:

CoolIT decided to create a compact water cooling kit with radiator, pump and exhaust fan, to give it an edge they attached several TEC units which aim to keep the water inside the loop cool. The radiator is connected to the hot side of the TEC and is kept from overheating by a 92x92x38mm thick fan.

Read the full review at MadShrimps:

The Eliminator is the lower cost product of the two tested today, with an estimated retail price of $199 it’s more expensive than most CPU cooling devices, but on par with mid-range water cooling kits.

The Eliminator is an all-in-one product, no need for assembly by the end user, you mount the CPU cooling block and the Eliminator inside the case are you are good to go, to be able to fit all the components in a small profile they had to sacrifice on pump and radiator size.

The Freezone is CoolIT joy and pride, this $399 product features a larger radiator and different orientation of the TEC units, hopefully resulting in a boost in performance.

Unlike the Eliminator the Freezone requires a bit more assembly to get it installed, where as the Eliminator had the performance control board on the unit itself, the Freezone provides a separate PCB where you connect the pump, fans and temperature sensor.

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