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Tuniq TX-2 High Performance Thermal Compound
Written by Gizmo   
Friday, 19 October 2007 22:57

Extreme Overclocking evaluate this product and give us the results:

We received a request recently from Tuniq to evaluate their new TX-2 Thermal Compound. Tuniq has been packaging TX-1 with their heatsinks for quite some time but this is the first offering from them that is available by itself.

Read the full review at Extreme Overclocking:


  • Low thermal resistance for superior heat transfer, 4.5W/mK
  • Small molecular size makes a better contact between the heatsink and heatsource
  • Thin bond line for hi-efficiency conductivity
  • Low bleed under high pressure
  • Spreads easy - clean consistency
  • Help the low-pressure clip design of cooler to achieve better cooling performance
  • RoHS compliant
  • Not Electrically conductive
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