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A Storm Worm Podcast on C/Net
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 22 October 2007 09:58

Security Bites Podcast: Storm's brewing on the Internet
By CNET Staff
Published: October 20, 2007 4:00 PM PDT

Since January of 2007, the Storm worm has been building a large botnet, which aside from infecting computers, has been used to spew millions of spam messages worldwide. The Storm worm has been responsible for sending spam that encourages you to invest in particular penny stock, only to have the scammers dump their shares once the stock rises in price. It's a classic scam.

Now the Storm worm is using MP3 files titled beatles.mp3 and elvis.mp3. In the attached audio file, a digitized voice tells you to purchase a certain stock. Because the file is sped up and slowed down, and given as many as 40 different names, it's causing headaches for system admins who cannot block one specific signature.

And if that isn't enough, Joe Stewart, senior security researcher with SecureWorks, found this week that the Storm worm's botnet is subdividing, suggesting that whoever controls the Storm worm botnet might be planning to sell off parts of it others.... More     Comment in the Forums
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