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Calling tech support for help with stolen printer
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 09:59
Calling tech support for help with stolen printer
Posted by Steven Musil
Sometimes calling tech support can be a real pain--like when you can't get a hard-to-obtain printer that was just reported stolen to work for you.

That's apparently the experience of Timothy Scott Short, who was arrested earlier this month after allegedly stealing a computer and printer used for producing driver's licenses and then calling Digimarc's tech support line a couple of times seeking software for the same model printer, according to a report from IDG. Short was charged with felony possession of "document-making implements" in connection with the October 5 theft of a PC and Digimarc printer used to print driver's licenses for the Missouri Department of Revenue.

However, the stolen PC has a lock that prevents its unauthorized use and its key was stored elsewhere, according to the department's director. Without the software on the PC, the printer won't print licenses. Needless to say that this is not the kind of printer you can pick up at CompUSA.... More    Comment in the Forums

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