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Video Professor sues critics, gets dogpiled by lawyers
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 26 October 2007 09:22

 This makes me happy! ":O}

 Video Professor sues critics, gets dogpiled by lawyers
By Nate Anderson | Published: October 26, 2007 - 07:09AM CT
ARS Technica
The Video Professor, who you may have had the privilege of seeing in late night infomercials, hasn't been thrilled with online criticism of his billing methods. In fact, he has sued, seeking to learn the identities of those who have "defamed" his company online. Now, a California law firm plans to turn the tables on the good doctor.

Nassiri & Jung has launched to respond to Video Professor's attacks on critics. The firm is trying to find some California residents who will be the targets of Video Professor's legal action, assuming that VP does get access to the identity information it wants.

The lawyers are "seeking out defendants in the Video Professor suit" and are interested in "possibly representing one or more of those defendants free of charge." But wait, there's more!

The firm is also looking into complaints about the company's billing practices, which that have dogged the company for years. Video Professor has been the subject of 615 Better Business Bureau complaints over the last 36 months, though it does appear that such complaints are quickly addressed.

Nassiri & Jung's web site notes that VP has already settled a 2004 class action suit in California relating to alleged "sales and marketing misconduct," and it sounds like the firm's lawyers might be prepping another, similar case... More   Comment in the Frorums

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