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Sapphire HD2400XT and HD2600XT Graphics Cards Review
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 27 October 2007 21:26
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(Image from Virtual-Hideout)
(Image from Virtual-Hideout)

Virtual-Hideout show us what to expect from these cards:

Back in July of this year, Sapphire released its answer to NVIDIA: the HD 2600 Graphics Cards. Also released at that time were the HD 2400 line - an even more cost effective version. Sapphire has given us an unique opportunity to review and compare cards from both of these lines: the HD2600XT and the HD2400XT. According to Sapphire's press release in May, 2007:

"Both of the HD 2600 and HD 2400 series’ also incorporate the latest ATI Avivo™ HD Video & Display Technology. An exciting new feature is the built in hardware UVD – a dedicated Unified Video Decoder that accelerates the decoding of Blu-ray™ and HD DVD content with dramatically reduced load on the system CPU, making even the low-end cards in the series ideal for media centre applications."

Read the full review at Virtual-Hideout:

Right off the bat, it's obvious which is the "better" card. So, the question I'm looking to answer here is, do these cards live up to the hype? Do they have what it takes to run a Media PC smoothly? Are they truly able to drive the 3D environment of Windows Vista™ with the required strength and performance? There's a lot to live up to here; let's see if they can do it.

Starting off with the HD2400XT, you will notice right off the bat that it has no fan, thus being a silent option for some users. The heatsink covers just about the entire card, with only a few taller capacitors being exposed on one corner. On the back of the HD2400XT are two exposed Samsung GDDR3 RAM modules delivering an unprecedented data rate of 6.4GBps. The rest of the RAM modules are on the front side under the heatsink for a total of 256MB. On the back end of the card is a single DVI port VGA port and TV port. These ports can be used in any combination for your viewing pleasure.

Next up is the HD2600XT, which is almost twice as long as the HD2400XT and comes with a large heatsink and fan. The heatsink is covered in a red translucent duct that directs the hot air out the back of the card and out of the enclosure. While heading in this direction, on the back side are two DVI and the TV connection, which once again can be used in any combination. On the Sapphire HD2600XT is 256MB of GDDR4 RAM; this RAM runs nearly twice as fast as GDDR3 and uses lower voltage to achieve that.

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