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Antec Sonata III Chassis
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 30 October 2007 23:00
Antec Sonata III
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Hexus show off this mini-tower chassis:

Initial impressions of the Sonata III 500 are positive, although the lack of a fitted case-badge is a bit unusual. However, a self-adhesive Antec badge does come in-pack.

Clearly, Antec is not just aiming this chassis solely at the home builder - system integrators are key customers, too. Its dimensions of 463(w) x 206(w) x 425(h) mm make it one of the smallest chassis we have looked at in quite a while but, at 9.1kg, it's still a hefty little thing since it's made of steel.

Read the full review at Hexus:

Although the front is plastic, the rest of the case is steel and finished in high-gloss black at the sides, on top and even underneath. Two locks are fitted, one on the front door and another on the edge of the integrated handle on the left-hand side panel.

The fitted power supply is a 500W unit (hence the 500 name-tag), and that's a 50W improvement over the PSU fitted to the Sonata II. The PSU boldly displays an 80+ performance efficiency sticker and is a member of Antec's EarthWatts range.

It was quiet in use and, since it comes fitted as standard, we left it in place for our thermal tests.

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