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Patriot PC3-15000 DDR3 1866MHz 2GB RAM Kit
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 31 October 2007 21:24
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Patriot PC3-15000 DDR3 1866 MHz
(Image from BenchmarkReviews)

BenchmarkReviews show us if this memory is worth the money:

Many of the readers will probably not consider DDR3 an important part of the hardware market just yet, and in a very few ways I can agree with them.  It's expensive, and it's not going to change their system from a 2 to a 10.  But I think that this argument only exists if you have missed the point: DDR3 is a more efficient replacement over DDR2, but high-speed DDR3 is intended for overclockers and enthusiasts almost exclusively.  In a year from now, expect to have DDR3 pressed into your new motherboard.  However for today, the demand behind DDR3 and its high-speed variants is best met by the growing number of hardware enthusiasts which push their equipment well past the stock settings.

Read the full review at BenchmarkReviews:

All of this is great news for the overclocker, the hardcore gamer, and the hardware enthusiast; which has been the case every time high-end system memory parts arrive to the market.  It wasn't all that long ago we all had SDRAM with 1 and 1.5CL timings, and then DDR arrived with CL3.  Nobody complained then, so I'm not sure why they are starting now.  It was the exact same story when DDR2 arrived to replace DDR; which nearly doubled the timings.  So from a technical standpoint we should appreciate that the timings have only gradually increased with the clock speed, because history has proven this to be difficult.

Patriot's Extreme Performance (EP) Low Latency line is engineered to expand your gaming options.  These modules are designed to operate at 1866MHz clock speeds with astonishing low 8-8-8-24 timings and are available in 2GB kit capacities. They are equipped with Patriot Aluminum Bladed Heat Shield Technology to improve module stability and performance while operating under extreme overclocking conditions.  Engineered with quality and performance in mind, Patriot Extreme Performance line is the ultimate solution for extreme overclockers, gamers, and PC enthusiasts.

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