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Fixing the "clear mismatch" between technology and copyright law: six ideas
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 06 November 2007 08:59

Fixing the "clear mismatch" between technology and copyright law: six ideas

ARS Technica
By Anders Bylund | Published: November 05, 2007 - 11:09PM CT
A lobby group from the free-speech, fair-use side of the tracks just presented a six-step reform program for outdated US copyright laws. Public Knowledge president Gigi Sohn presented the plan in a New Media conference speech at Boston University recently and expressed no patience with the "disconnect between the law and the technology" of media production and distribution.

 "For the past 35 years, the trend has been nearly unmitigated expansion of the scope and duration of copyright, resulting in a clear mismatch between the technology and the law," she said. Advances in technology keep making it easier to copy and distribute songs, movies, books, and so on. Meanwhile, the kind of legislation that gets big-money lobby support from content producers makes it increasingly illegal—but not necessarily harder—to use these new powers of information and entertainment.... More    Comment in the Forums


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