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We're only Human after all: a review of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 07 November 2007 11:01

 ARS gives the reader an tour of Gutsy Gibbon

 We're only Human after all: a review of Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon
By Ryan Paul | Published: November 07, 2007 - 01:02AM CT
ARS Technica

 A new breed of ape

Ubuntu 7.10, codenamed Gutsy Gibbon, emerged from the jungles last month and has been beating its chest ever since. Touted as the easiest-to-use desktop Linux distro yet, 7.10 hopes to bring the power of Linux to the masses.

Linux has traditionally been used by software developers and hardcore tech enthusiasts, of course, but the operating system is increasingly being adopted by a more mainstream audience. Ubuntu is already the most popular desktop Linux distribution because it offers impressive ease of use, and it's quickly approaching feature parity with other platforms (it also offers a few unique advantages of its own).

Ars tested Ubuntu 7.10 and its new features extensively on several different computers, including the Dell Inspiron 1420n that we recently reviewed with Ubuntu 7.04. The verdict: it's impressive. How impressive? Read on for our take on installation and new features like the graphics configuration tool and Ubuntu's Firefox improvements.
Installing Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.10 can be installed with the Ubuntu 7.10 LiveCD, a complete Ubuntu Linux environment that runs entirely from a CD. The installer uses an intuitive wizard-style graphical user interface and includes adequate partitioning tools. The LiveCD environment can be used to test Ubuntu's hardware compatibility and also makes it possible to surf the web, use an instant messaging application, or play solitaire during an Ubuntu installation.

I tested the Ubuntu 7.10 installer on several computers and didn't encounter any noteworthy problems. On my desktop computer, which uses three monitors and two graphics cards, I had to unplug two of the three monitors in order to get the LiveCD environment to display properly. Aside from that, I have been able to install Ubuntu 7.10 on all of my systems without the need for additional workarounds.

For screenshots and detailed instructions on how to use the LiveCD installation tool, refer to the community documentation for the installer.... MUCH MORE   Comment in the Forums

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