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The World's Biggest Botnets
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 12 November 2007 09:35
 What makes three of today's largest botnets tick, what they're after – and a peek at the 'next' Storm

NOVEMBER 9, 2007 | 1:08 PM
By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Senior Editor, Dark Reading

You know about the Storm Trojan, which is spread by the world's largest botnet. But what you may not know is there's now a new peer-to-peer based botnet emerging that could blow Storm away.

"We're investigating a new peer-to-peer botnet that may wind up rivaling Storm in size and sophistication," says Tripp Cox, vice president of engineering for startup Damballa, which tracks botnet command and control infrastructures. "We can't say much more about it, but we can tell it's distinct from Storm."

It's hard to imagine anything bigger and more complex than Storm, which despite its nefarious intent as a DDOS and spam tool has awed security researchers with its slick design and its ability to reinvent itself when it's at risk of detection or getting busted. Storm changed the botnet game, security experts say, and its successors may be even more powerful and wily. (See Attackers Hide in Fast Flux and Researchers Fear Reprisals From Storm.)

Botnets are no longer just annoying, spam-pumping factories -- they're big business for criminals. This shift has even awakened enterprises, which historically have either looked the other way or been in denial about bots infiltrating their organizations. (See Bots Rise in the Enterprise.)

"A year ago, the traditional method for bot infections was through malware. But now you're getting compromised servers, with drive-by downloads so prevalent that people are getting infected without realizing it," says Paul Ferguson, network architect for Trend Micro. "No one is immune.".. Much More      Comment in the Forum
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