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Larry Sanger says "tipping point" approaching for expert-guided Citizendium wiki
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 10:52

Larry Sanger says "tipping point" approaching for expert-guided Citizendium wiki

By Nate Anderson | Published: November 21, 2007 - 08:21AM CT
ARS Technica

Citizendium, the expert-guided wiki run by Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, has just turned one. After blowing out the candle on the site's birthday cake, Sanger issued a lengthy status report asserting that Citizendium is ramping up rapidly and is ready to make major advances in its bid to show the world a better knowledge production model. Still, the site can't dodge the critics who wonder if it has a point.

When we took a long look at Citizendium back in February, we noted that only eight articles had been "approved" by the site's expert editors (anyone can contribute, but experts oversee specific articles and approve them as accurate). Today, that number has jumped to 46.

That may still seem insignificant, but Sanger points out that article creation and approval are accelerating, and he claims that Citizendium's articles are in any case of "far better quality" than Wikipedia's. "This, I hope you'll agree, counts for something."... More   Comment in the Forums


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