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Akasa Revo thermodynamic CPU cooler (UK)
Written by Gizmo   
Wednesday, 21 November 2007 22:46
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Akasa Revo thermadynamic CPU cooler
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Join as they peruse this unit:

In this test we are reviewing a product from Akasa. It has almost been two years since we last reviewed a product from Akasa, and back then, we had a look at their Eclipse 62 case. The product reviewed today is a CPU cooler, with a unique design and a unique technology. We'll get back to all of that later in the test - and the cooler we are testing is the Akasa revo thermodynamic CPU cooler.

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On first sight the specifications for the Akasa revo thermodynamic CPU cooler looks pretty normal. But there are a few things you must notice. The cooler is built entirely of aluminium, which we don't see very often, and the weight of the cooler is about 360g which, compared to other CPU coolers on the market, isn't very much.

What really makes the Akasa revo thermodynamic CPU cooler unique is the way it removes the heat from the CPU. The coolers construction looks like a radiator combined with a water cooling block, and it uses fluid to remove the heat as well.

The heat is pumped trough a closed system. All the heat is then released to the surroundings in a radiator. The fluid in the closed system is pumped around by a technology Akasa calls "bubble pump".

That means that there's no moving parts in the cooler and thereby no noise - besides the fan.
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