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Vista won't be abandoned so here's how to fix it
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 28 November 2007 11:55
November 28, 2007 9:09 AM PST
C/Net News
Posted by Don Reisinger

Since Microsoft has abandoned my plan of abandoning Vista, I feel compelled to help the company out in any way I can. And while I still believe abandoning Vista is the only true option of fixing Windows, I can appreciate the fact that Microsoft has dumped a huge sum of cash into the OS and it's loath to lose out.

Of course, with reports suggesting Vista will become a target for hackers in 2008 and now, even Microsoft executives have no idea what "Vista Capable" really means, I can't help but think this operating system is tanking faster than Microsoft Bob.

But I digress. Although Windows XP running Service Pack 3 is almost twice as fast as Windows Vista running SP1 and major hardware manufacturers are still selling XP machines out of desire for once, Microsoft wants to hold on to Vista regardless of where it takes the company. Will it force the company into a tailspin? I think it already has. Will it get worse? Possibly. But if Microsoft heeds my warnings and follows some of the tips I will outline below, Windows Vista may not be the utter failure I think it will be if nothing changes.

Tip 1: Go open source

Yes, you read that correctly. As far as I can tell, the only real solution to fixing Windows' slew of issues is to go open source. Now, contrary to popular belief, open source software does not mean free software, so Microsoft can continue to sell the OS on an open source platform without sacrificing its bottom line.

What will this achieve, you ask? It's quite simple really: an open source Vista will allow any and all people to fix the code as they see fit and (for once) create a solid and secure Windows OS. Even better, it'll put Apple on notice and help create a possible marketing campaign surrounding the fact that Leopard is the only major OS that doesn't allow the user to do what they want with a product they have purchased.

Perhaps most important, an open source Windows Vista will open the floodgates against malicious hackers who have been fighting against Microsoft employees instead of the public at large. Simply put, you would no longer need to rely on Microsoft cronies to maintain your security -- you can do it for yourself and patch any and all holes you can find.... More    Comment in the Forum

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