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Verisign seal sometimes means "no encryption"
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 01 December 2007 10:18
Who takes charge when "secure" means "insecure"?
By Fernando Cassia: Friday, 30 November 2007, 8:39 PM
The Inquirer

THE GRAPHIC seal from security firm Verisign should be a synonymous for security, for "peace of mind", or at least that's what the firm has been aiming for since the inception of the web. However, little seems to happen to those that display it yet seem to be an example of insecurity.

It all started when this scribbler wanted to contract a mail forwarding service. Seven years ago, I used to be a customer of Miami, FL based firm Skybox, and when the need arose once again, selecting them was a no-brainer, so I headed to the firm's web site and decided to sign up. An offer there promised a 50 per cent discount rate on the yearly fee if I contracted it before November the 30th. Good.

The trouble began when I clicked on the "sign up" form found at the firm's web site which did not switch to a secure connection, and seemed to handle credit card data over an unencrypted connection, all this while displaying in several instances the Verisign seal and while claiming on the same pages "Secure transaction", and then "all the information and transactions that you realize with your credit card are properly protected"... More   Comment in the Forums

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