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Pioneer BDC-202BK Blu-ray drive
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 01 December 2007 16:28

A fairly affordable blu-ray drive for your PC 

From TrustedReviews: 

While the PS3 may be the undisputed champion of standalone Blu-ray players currently available, there's still a huge potential market for watching high-definition movies on the PC and in this sector the choice of drives is far less clear-cut. This is mainly due to the fact that most PC Blu-ray drives include not just playback but Blu-ray writing capabilities as well, which adds considerably to their cost. However, even though Blu-ray writing may be useful for some it's far from a necessity and DVD and CD writing is enough for most. Therefore, the perfect solution is surely a drive that has all the DVD and CD writing capabilities we've become accustomed to but with the added bonus of Blu-ray playback? Well, you'll never guess what I have in front of me now.

The Pioneer BDC-202 is the first DVD and CD writer we've seen with Blu-ray playback and with high street prices hovering around the £100 mark, it looks set to be the perfect high-definition upgrade for anyone with an HTPC or just a PC with a screen large enough to watch HD content. Unfortunately there isn't support for reading HD-DVD discs as well but it's unlikely we will see affordable drives that can read both formats for a good while yet. For the time being you'll just have to choose a side and hope for the best. Either that or just buy one of each drive.

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