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CompuStocx XAC-1200 2GB Kit
Written by Gizmo   
Saturday, 01 December 2007 23:33
ComputStocx  XAC-1200
(Image from OC inside)

OverClocked inside put this memory through its paces:

With the CSX XAC-1200 2GB kit we would like to take a look at the first DDR2-1200 memory kit from CompuStocx. CSX Diablo DDR2-1200 / PC2-9600 memory modules are specificated for memory voltages up to 2.40 V and thanks to the Micron D9GMH chips, this RAM can already operate as DDR2-1066 / PC2-8500 modules starting from 1.90 Volt. This high performance DDR2 RAM kit was able to reach nearly the top speed of all modules tested so far and satisfied with very high overclocking results.

Read the full review at OC inside:

Characteristics and other features ...

The memory modules are provided on a green plate with black passive heatsinks (heatspreader) to get lower temperatures, also with higher frequencies and/or higher voltages. A very good heatsink and good contact between heatsink (heatspreader) and memory chip is especially important with these CompuStocx DDR2-1200 overclocking modules, because a high voltage and/or frequency could destroy the DDR2 RAM without a good cooling.

The heatspreader with additional cooling lamellas has a nice finish and is pressed very evenly to the thermal pads of the memory chips and offers a good heat dissipation. Unfortunately the test modules comes without EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) support. The additional entry in the SPD EEPROM would be helpful on those high-end overclocking modules to get automatically best timings and frequencies for overclocking on latest generation motherboards with EPP support.

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