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AMD problems expanded?
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 23:02

According to this blog posting at Tech Report, AMD have finally admitted that the L3 cache problem that caused the Phenom 9700 to be pulled appears to in fact affect ALL clock speeds, and ALL quad-cores (including Barcelona).  More interestingly, it appears that AMD may have actually KNOWN about the issue when the chips were released.

If true, this would be badly damaging to the company's already tarnished image, particularly when coupled with the fact that benchmarks of the Phenom 9700, 9600, and 9500 overstate performance by about 10%, owing to the performance penalty of the BIOS fix.  Even worse, AMD are claiming that the mobo vendors knew about the BIOS patch and should have already had updated BIOSes available.  The mobo vendors, though, are all going "What patch?".  Hardly a situation to cause a vendor of top-notch hardware to want to tout 'AMD Inside'.

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