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Microsoft's Wireless Keyboard Hacked
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 05 December 2007 10:53

Researchers crack encryption, 'own' 27MHz keyboards

DECEMBER 4, 2007 | 3:53 PM
By Kelly Jackson Higgins
Senior Editor, Dark Reading

European researchers have hacked the 27Mhz radio-based wireless keyboard.

Max Moser, and Phil Schrodel, researchers with Switzerland-based Dreamlab Technologies AG and, have written a proof-of-concept for capturing and decrypting keystrokes from Microsoft's wireless keyboards. The POC lets an attacker capture confidential data as the victim inputs it.

"The attacker can listen to all affected Microsoft 27Mhz keyboards in range at the same time. Imagining what data he could collect is a bit harder -- that depends on the person using the keyboard," says Moser, senior security specialist with Dreamlab Technologies.

But the next phase of the hack -- in which the attacker could take full control of your keyboard -- may make you afraid to ever leave your desk: "What is much badder is that we are close to the simplification of injecting our own keystrokes into victims' keyboards. [This] is already working, but not that we can show publicly [yet]," he says.

"Using that technique, an attacker could wait till you go to the coffee machine and send your keyboard a sequence of commands that opens a bad Website and installs malware, or use the old 'debug' application to [put] malware directly on your keyboard and execute it," Moser warns... More   Comment in the Forums
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