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Nanotechnology to be worth $3.6bn in 2009
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 09:01

From Nanotechnology News:

Rags to riches - Carbon Nanotubes

With almost two decades of intensive research in pushing CNT technology from the lab to the commercial world, many of us are still waiting to cash in. Most of us know that CNTs offer properties that few materials will ever match. Fabrication and control schemes that have traditionally smothered CNT progress are now maturing, meaning that a rags to riches story may just be around the corner.

Since the discovery of CNTs by Ijima in the early 1990s and with almost two decades of intensive research, ground-breaking innovations for a wide spectrum of applications are pushing CNT from the laboratory to the commercial world. CNTs offer properties that few materials will ever match. Some of these superior properties include high conductivity, excellent thermal properties and superior mechanical properties. Near term applications and associated companies based on carbon nanotube technology worth looking out for include:

• Non-volatile memory (Nantero)
• Field emission displays (Motorola, Samsung)
• Sensors and Actuators (Nanomix, Nano-Proprietary)
• Thermal management (Fujitsu, Nanoconduction)
• IC Interconnect (Fujitsu, Infineon)
• Scanning probe microscopes (Xidex)
• Random number generator (El-Mul)
• General CNT functionalization (Nanocyl)
• Logic Devices (Unidym, NEC, Intel, Aneeve, IBM)

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