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Intel has some headaches with 45 nanometre technology
Written by Daniel   
Saturday, 22 December 2007 12:53
Lots of whispers, nothing concrete. No boots
By Charlie Demerjian: Friday, 21 December 2007, 12:47 PM
The Inquirer

THERE IS SOMETHING going on around Intel's 45 nanomete process, far too many rumours, and far too many half decent explanations. None of the rumours are firm, none are validated, but they all point to the same place.

What are those rumours? The first one was that Intel is having problems ramping the 45/High-K/Metal process to volume so there is going to be a second 45nm non-High-K/non-Metal process to run the lower end volume chips.

The problem with this one is that changing the process like that would basically need a complete relayout of the chip. Unless this was planned from day one, the effort involved would be huge, expensive, and very unlikely to happen.

The next bit is sort of related, word is trickling out that Intel scrapped a whole run of Harpertowns. What a 'run' is defined as is beyond me, but it gets ads up to the same point as the 45nm volume problems. This one has been neither second sourced or denied, but then again, Intel tends not to talk about such things.... More   Comment in the Forums

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