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Kingston PC3-13000 DDR3
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 24 December 2007 01:18
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Kingston DDR3 PC3-13000
(Image from Bencmark Reviews)

Follow Benchmark Reviews as they evaluate this memory:

Since JEDEC is about to finalize 1600MHz as a standard DDR3 speed, many kits which were once considered High-Speed will now be relegated to standard speed parts.  Perhaps a clairvoyant vision helped with the decision, because Kingston's KHX13000D3LLK2/2G PC3-13000 CL7 DDR3 RAM kit stays ahead of the curve at 1625MHz. 

Read the full review at Benchmark Reviews:

System memory (RAM) manufacturers are in a tough position these days.  Everybody wants the latest technology, which runs faster and operates more efficiently, but nobody wants the price tag that comes with it.  Because DDR2 fabrication assembly plants are nearing obsolescence, the equipment depreciation has caused DDR2 prices to drop below the actual cost of production.  This is bad news for the manufacturer, while conversely it means great savings to the consumer.  So while manufacturers try to squeeze the last drops of revenue out of DDR2, along comes DDR3.

Many of the readers will probably not consider DDR3 an important part of the hardware market just yet, and in a very few ways I can agree with them.  It's expensive, and it's not going to change their system from a 2 to a 10.  Nevertheless, I think that this argument only exists if you have missed the point: DDR3 is a more efficient replacement over DDR2 in many different ways, and high-speed DDR3 (presently anything over 1333MHz) is intended for overclockers and enthusiasts almost exclusively.  In a year from now, expect to have DDR3 pressed into your new motherboard.  However for today, the demand behind DDR3 and its high-speed variants is best met by the growing number of hardware enthusiasts which push their equipment well past the stock settings.

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