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OCZ Freeze Thermal Interface Material
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 30 December 2007 23:43

Follow TweakTown as they put the latest OCZ TIM through the wringer:

For those who have kept up with the OCZ offerings, you will recognize that this isn’t the first time that this company has tried their hand with thermal materials. A few years ago they created a silver based compound designed to compete against the vaunted Arctic Silver. While their older goop was effective, it did not bring anything new and exciting to the table. Some were also put off by the thicker consistency of the compound, feeling it did not spread as easily as the leader of the pack

Read the full review at TweakTown :

One thing OCZ has managed to do is to make the consistency of their TIM a lot smoother. This makes application to your processor or GPU very simple. You will not have to worry about your TIM clumping up and possibly creating voids in the core area. It gives you a peace of mind when you know your thermal material is going to spread completely over your core.

Another advantage of the Freeze compound is the lack of any required burn-in time. Many will recall the requisite two day burn time to allow the TIM to properly set up. This product does not require this burning in and allows you to apply and overclock without fear of not getting the proper thermal protection. This makes for much greater convenience for those who want to push their systems to their utter limits.

So, we have a compound that is easy to apply and has a very smooth texture for optimal protection. It is also non-conductive and requires no burn-in. While everything is looking good so far, we now turn our attention to actual usage so we can see just how well it performs.

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