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What do Xbox Live problems say about Microsoft’s back-end infrastructure?
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 08 January 2008 10:58

Mary Jo Foley

Whether you think the recently proposed class action lawsuit over Xbox Live service holiday outages is crazy or justified, there are undeniable problems with Microsoft’s back-end Live infrastructure that Microsoft needs to address.

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Microsoft recently offered its 10 million Xbox Live subscribers a free arcade game as payback for holiday 2007 service outages (or, as Microsoft officials preferred to call them “intermittent Xbox Live issues”), which the company attributed to an insufficient number of back-end servers.

But as a posting this past weekend by Windows Connected contributor Matt Freestone, the Xbox Live outages seemingly still aren’t over:

“Even now as I write this post at 5:30pm Sunday afternoon (1/06/08) Xbox Live is still essentially useless. Last night I played Halo 3 for about 5 hours while getting about 2 hours worth of gameplay. Today, when attempting to play Call of Duty 4, I spent about 2 hours to play about 3 rounds. Getting constantly dropped from the lobby, constantly dropped from games, and sometimes a complete inability to find a game was the norm, and not just for me. I spoke with people in every game lobby (when I was lucky enough to get into one) and they all reported the exact same issues, since Christmas.”

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