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Why the game is up for HD DVD
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 09 January 2008 10:42

From the Inquirer:

The future is Blu, Blu, Blu

How many times can you get kicked in the balls and still get up? I managed it once after about 10 minutes of drooling, wishing the world would end and mewling in the kind of really high voice only dogs can hear. While I would like to see some scientific experiment on this vitally important topic, I am not volunteering – unless, of course, I’m doing the kicking.

You know those bits in movies where the hero gets kicked in the balls and falls over into a foetal position of almost-dead proportions but, then, miraculously manages to groan and battle his way through the pain in a superhuman effort over numerous minutes to skewer the baddie who’s been monologing, as usual, about being victorious and evil and all-powerful etc. etc. In kids movies, it’s even better, because the hero can get kicked in the nuts, crush them falling onto pipes, run into things with them and have speeding projectiles smack into them repeatedly but still recover. Right now, if the HD DVD camp was a cartoon character it would have balls swollen to the size of a hot air balloon from all the kicking it’s been getting lately. With the shock defection of Warner Bros. to the Blu-ray camp this week, it’s possibly time for HD DVD to cup its nads and crawl off to the nearest casualty unit where it can share stories with other balls-kicking victims like Betamax and UMD.

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