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Disk Station DS207+
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 15 January 2008 11:00

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Synology DS207+
(Image from Techware Labs)

Evaluate this unit with Techware Labs:

So, what is there about the DS207+ that made the staff of TWL speechless? How about RAID for data redundancy, dynamic web hosting with Apache, MySQL and PHP built-in, also Windows ACS compatible for data security, power consumption at ~8cents a day to name a few? Also since the device is a Linux based kernel, there are no Windows OS patches that need to be applied every month. The DS207+ has only one very quiet fan that is used to move air accross the two SATA drives and that is it. With this low amount noise and heat output, you don't need to worry about setting up an isolated cold room for this device.

Read the full review:

The long list of features say a lot about what the device is capable of, but to some it is a list of features they don’t know how utilize to assist them in their business or home use from day to day. So, here are a few ideas to give you a start. The DS207+ is dynamic internet web hosting hardware. This means for those of you who use a standard high speed service where your public internet address is dynamic, you can register a domain name with a dynamic DNS web hosting company (ranges from free (with ads) to ~$100/yr). This will allow you to have your customer or family/friends type in your domain name into their browser and hit your DS207+ directly. The DS207+ with its SATA drives will have a large amount of storage for the website which allows the web developer to go wild with content, where you would be limited by what your ISP is selling you at a prime price. The addition of MYSQL and PHP integration allows the user to develop dynamic websites which can become a digital store front and gives the business owner the freedom to not be charged for such features from their ISP. The DS207+ comes with a Gigabit network interface which is not necessary for webhosting, but is a nice feature for interoffice file transfer. The DS207+ also comes with an eSATA port on the front of the device which provides the option of adding additional disk space by using an eSATA drive or even an eSATA supported disk vault. The DS207+ also comes with three other USB2.0 ports providing you with additional ports to connect additional storage, USB printer or USB speakers for the Itunes server. Of course one would choose eSata over USB2.0 for data use due the much faster speed of eSata over USB 2.0.


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