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Perspective: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: I don't care who wins!
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 18 January 2008 11:09

Perspective: Blu-ray vs. HD DVD: I don't care who wins!
Charles Cooper
Published: January 18, 2008, 4:00 AM PST
C/Net News

The folks behind the HD DVD standard repeat to anyone within earshot that it ain't over 'til it's over. They still hope to defeat Blu-ray in the battle over high-profile video formats.
Little do they realize, however, that Yogi Berra's famous apercu gets superseded by Cooper's Corollary: it should be over.

Warner Bros.' decision to exclusively support the Blu-ray format may help settle a very muddled matter. When the biggest company in the home-video business chooses sides, that's big news. By my count, that now makes five of the seven major Hollywood studios backing Blu-ray. My hunch is that most retailers will follow suit. 

The unanswered question is how long we're going to have to wait until the HD DVD camp gives up.    [More]  [Comments]


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