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"I Wouldn't Steal": European Greens advocate file-swapping
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 21 January 2008 13:09

"I Wouldn't Steal": European Greens advocate file-swapping

By Nate Anderson | Published: January 21, 2008 - 11:56AM CT
ARS Technica

A European political coalition has come out in opposition to the "multinationals" who want to put a stop to file-sharing, and they instead make the claim that file-swapping is "fair."

The Greens/European Free Alliance has a web site and video designed to counter media industry claims that piracy is theft. The "I Wouldn't Steal" campaign argues that downloading movies or music without paying is "fundamentally different from stealing" (by which the group means physical theft of things like purses and cars).

Instead, the Greens believe that sharing is fair and that "consumers are willing to pay if offered good quality at a fair price." Media companies (especially the movie studios) could certainly do a better job of making their content available, but the Greens go so far as to argue that they have "failed to offer viable legal alternatives" to piracy. Consumers are therefore apparently entitled to content on their own terms; if it isn't provided in those forms, they have the right to take it...[More]  [Comments]

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