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Build your own Cantenna
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 24 January 2008 22:30

The folks at Icrontic take us on an adventure to build a 'cantenna', a device to enhance your wireless capabilities under certain conditions:

Have you ever been stuck outside of your fixed wireless network range left wondering what to do about it? Want to try a fun and easy little DIY project that works as a cheap, reliable alternative to a wireless repeater? Do what I did and build yourself a Cantenna! I was in a sticky situation recently. We had switched from a wired network to a wireless network, and I had just acquired a Nintendo Wii. However, our new wireless router, for whatever reason, did not put out a strong enough signal for either the Wii or my laptop to connect with. What to do, oh please God, tell me what to do!

Read the full story:

After sitting down in the kitchen and researching for a bit I figured I had three options. One was to buy a signal booster to hook into the router. This was quickly ruled out, however, because my mother has the same level of technical expertise and trust as most Amish folks (no offense to them, but hey, if you are Amish, why are you reading this anyway?) So that idea was swiftly written off. My second option was to buy a wireless repeater. Not only was that extremely expensive, but it would make things easy, and we all know what happens when things begin to look easy. So, by process of elimination, I had decided to go with the Cantenna approach. It sounded fun, different, and best of all, cheap to do.

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