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Algae: Another way to grow edible oils
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 25 January 2008 12:47

Algae: Another way to grow edible oils
By Michael Kanellos
Staff Writer, CNET
Published: January 25, 2008, 4:00 AM PST

In the future, french fries might be infused with all the brimming, healthy flavor of oil produced by algae.

Biotechnology company Solazyme, which is developing techniques for converting vats of algae into car and plane fuel, will also exploit its manufacturing processes to make oils for other industries, including the food industry.
The company is already working on edible oils, Harrison Dillon, Solazyme's president, told CNET Ideally, these oils could provide greater health benefits, cost less, and be more environmentally friendly to grow than current cooking oils.  [Comments]

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