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Antipiracy investigators run afoul of Swiss law in P2P sweep
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 28 January 2008 11:07

From ArsTechnica:

Part of the reason the RIAA is so relentless with its legal campaign against file-sharing in the US is that the group can readily obtain the names and addresses of broadband subscribers via John Doe lawsuits. In contrast, the motion picture and music industries have had mixed results with that strategy in Europe, and one firm retained by Big Content is under fire in Switzerland for what the Swiss government says are illegal tactics.

Logistep, which calls itself a "specialized privately controlled Anti-Piracy Company" that operates in Switzerland, has run afoul of the Eidgenössische Datenschutz und Öffentlichkeitsbeauftragte, the Swiss agency tasked with overseeing data protection, according to the IDG News Service. Unlike US law, which allows the identity of an ISP subscriber to be revealed via a civil action, Swiss law requires a criminal case to be filed in order for the data to be divulged.

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