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AMD loses largest Asia supercomputer deal
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 29 January 2008 13:27

Another win becomes a loss - this time, it hurts...

From The Inquirer:

WE'VE ALL talked a lot about Barcelona delays, under-deliveries and all the plagues including the infamous "TLB errata".

Try to find Barcelona-based servers around your corporate neighbourhood - you may as well look for a needle in a haystack. Even with these mounting headaches, AMD still managed to keep substantial presence, if not lead above Intel, in the top of the top, the large scale supercomputing arena.

When you look, for instance, at the more recent US government projects, you'll see that a proportion of AMD-based systems is still high, not just because of the Hypertransport and memory bandwidth scaling with each added CPU. The previous Opteron generation had an advantage over Intel platform in 64-bit code when using large page sizes - like in Global Linpack benchmarks, for instance. The Nehalem generation might solve this problem, though.

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