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ASUS Extends Eee Branding to Desktops, AIOs, LCD TVs
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 30 January 2008 13:30

 E-DT, E-TV, and E-Monitor coming in 2008 - touchscreen Eee put on hold

Chris Peredun - January 30, 2008 12:10 PM

ASUS's Eee PC sub-notebook, often nicknamed "The Little Laptop That Could", is set to become the parent to a massive family in 2008. Not only will the second-generation Eee sport a larger 8.9" screen, but the "Eee" branding is set to expand to desktops, all-in-one units, and even LCD HDTVs.

The desktop variant, the E-DT, is scheduled for launch in April or May 2008. The first generation will have a Celeron processor -- likely the majority of the internal components will be shared with the current Eee PC, while later generations will use the low-wattage Intel Diamondville processors. The target price for the E-DT is $199, but those who have followed the history of the Eee PC know that this was the initial target price for the Eee PC which still sells at $299 for the cheapest model.

The all-in-one E-Monitor will be an integrated unit similar to the Apple iMac or Dell XPS One, with a 19" to 21" monitor and built-in TV tuner. No specifications were given for the resolution of the LCD, but the components of the PC will be shared with the E-DT. The target price for the E-Monitor was stated at US$499 -- a good deal below the competing models listed previously -- and is set for a September 2008 launch [..More]    [..Comments]

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