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ZyXEL NXC-8160 Access Point
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 04 February 2008 10:41

From TrustedReviews:

Businesses looking to deploy wireless networks are faced with a number of problems including access point (AP) placement to give the best coverage, the facilities to enable clients to roam freely across the entire wireless area and, of course, security. There are a wide range of solutions available but, as we saw in our review of Netgear's ProSafe Wireless Smart Controller, not all are as clever as they make out.

ZyXEL's latest NXC-8160 Wireless Channel Blanket Controller takes a completely different path to the majority. It's the result of an agreement between ZyXEL and Extricom and, as it full name indicates, it aims to provide a complete wireless umbrella for your business along with seamless client roaming but without the hassle of cell planning. Essentially, you just add APs wherever you want to ensure that the area where the services are being delivered is blanketed with overlapping channels. This solution is aimed particularly at environments where standard wireless network deployment is considered too difficult. The seamless roaming facilities also target applications such as voice and video as mobile clients should be able to move from AP to the next without any loss of service.

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