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Multichrome does multiGPUs S3-stylee
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 06 February 2008 17:57

From The Inquirer:

S3’S MULTICHROME technology is being dissected by German gamers at PCGH. MultiChrome is S3’s answer to SLI/Crossfire and works using the same basic principles as ATI’s elderly AFR technology. Essentially you slot two S27-core cards in PCIe slots, using the PCIe bus as the bridge – that’s it. Now, before you go all north-south-east-west on us, you have to take a look (Englisch hier) at PC Games Hardware’s analysis of the technology. They actually got Crysis up and running on MultiChrome. Sheesh. Flippin’ night of the livin’ dead we tell ya - first VIA comes up with Isaiah, next S3 outs an “SLI-like” graphics technology that you can actually run Crysis on. What next? AMD delivers Intel an ass-kicking B3 stepping Phenom?

We know – it’s just a fact of life – that a $1000 CPU isn’t 10x better than a $100 CPU. The same thing applies to GPU’s and to gaming in general. Well, Chile Hardware has a pretty interesting comparison of apples-to-apples gaming, the premise being “all components but the CPU considered equal, how much of a kick does an expensive CPU give your system?” Short and to the point, right here (or here for Spanglish).

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