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Details slip on upcoming Intel Dunnington six-core processor
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 26 February 2008 11:34

From Ars Technica: 

Information on Dunnington is supposed to be hush-hush right now, but Sun Microsystems made a bit of an blunder when it left information on Intel's upcoming six-core CPU available on its web site over the weekend. The offending information has long since vanished, but the enterprising fellows at DailyTech managed to grab a copy, and helpfully posted some of the more interesting tidbits online.

Dunnington should be Intel's last major Xeon processor update before Nehalem and combines six cores on a single die with a whopping heap of cache. Specifically, Dunnington will replace Tigerton at the top of the 7xxx Xeon product line.  These are Xeon MP parts designed for 4P systems or more, and run on a lower FSB (1066MHz as compared to the 1600MHz on the Harpertown Xeons that power the new Mac Pro).

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